Saturday, April 5, 2014

3 April, 2014

Sunrise portraiture.

Good to spend a day away from the books.  In the mountains, there you feel free.

Mon frere delves into some cold April poudre.

Soft-spoken ripper Beau Fredlund enjoys the Red Pillar.  What beautiful luck to have such ski partners.   

Swift clouds preserved surfy snow.

Beer-thirty in the great wide open.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


March has been a month of odds and ends, the stray day in the hills here, a few hours of night-skinning there.  Absent hills have only made the heart grow fonder.   

A wild storm blew through Missoula late February, pasting the hills and giving the city a chance to showcase its thought-provoking snowplowing capabilities.  And for a few sweet, sweet days you could click into your skis in the backyard and skin up Sentinel for evening turns.

Then the wind started hammering, temperatures bottomed out, and, as is now national news, a snowboarder cutting turns on Jumbo triggered a slide that tore a house apart, buried several folks, and killed one.  And that's the kind of year it's been--dragons lurking in unaccustomed places. 

Get back to it.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Presidential Touring

Good to be back out in the hills after a couple weeks away.  Squeezing in late night and early morning outings presents intriguing time management puzzles.  They pale next to spending a whole day out.  

Feels like I'm being watched.

Saturday I joined up with Brian and Jeffrey for a long day in Bass Creek.  We climbed Big St Joe, skied a run of fast, settled powder, climbed back up to the Big Joe/Little Joe ridge, dropped in for another couple thousand buttery feet, then hoofed it up once more to traverse over Little Joe and out down to the car.  Around 10K, and I felt it.  Too much chair time in the law school.

Weather storming in as we traverse out.

Sunday toured toward Gash Point with Mike.  Lots of new snow, lots of wind, so a good time to play it safe on mellow terrain.  Fat, fat flakes here at the end of the day.  We parked earlier, but the lower trailhead is just driveable, and should be better once it gets cold and the surface firms up.  Ride it cowboy style!  

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Some different views from the last couple of weeks.  Lots happening and little time to write about it.  Don't think I could live in Chicago, but a museum like the Art Institute makes a convincing case for it.

Much snow the past few days, and more on the way.  Let's be careful. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Cardinal Virtues, Greywolf Peak

Prudent turns in Greywolf's South Couloir.  Looked soft(ish), was bulletproof.

The top of the East Couloir tempted our appetites with slightly softer snow.  We responded Temperately...

with many kung-fu turns.

The West Couloir demanded Courage, or at least bravado. We felt good.  The day was coming together.  Time to fool around with whippets.  

Justice on the North Face.  At least it felt like that, after being thwarted on the Cardinal Tour last spring.  

Finding the North Face sneak.

In sum, a gorgeous day in fine company.  One of those where you feel like you're doing something right.  You're nothing special, but the music makes sense to you.  You find the beat.  You understand the rhythm.  

Thanks to Ben for the exceptional company, to Brian for the inspiration, and to Geology for the mountains. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Be tough or be stupid.  Looking up at the couple miles of dirt walking required right now to get back to Mount Haggin.  Haggin has been on the list for a while, and will have to stay there for now.  Snow was sparse, and what there was had been beaten into ugly, white-ice submission by sun and wind.  No go.

Wrinkles on Hearst Lake.